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Coin Holders

Coin Holders   Square and Round Coin Tubes Coin Tubes
All types of coin supply holders, including self seal and staple type cardboard 2x2s. We also carry large selections of air tites, plastic 2x2s and coin flips.   Choose from round or square coin tubes for all sizes of coins. Our coin collecting supplies incude tubes by Coin Safe, Numis and Marcus

Coin Boxes

Coin Boxes  

Vinyl and Poly Pages

Coin Pages & Binders
We have coin boxes made for 2x2s, coin tubes, slabs, mint and proof sets, and other coin supplies. Our coin boxes come in many sizes, types and colors.   You can choose from vinyl or Coin World's polypropylene pages from our coin collecting supplies designed to hold 2x2s, 1.5x1.5s and 2.5x2.5s.

Coin Folders

Coin Folders  

Coin Albums

Coin Albums
Coin folders made by Whitman, HE Harris and Littleton. Perfect for coin collectors of all ages. You'll be satisifed with all these coin supples.   We have full lines of coin albums from Dansco, Whitman and Littleton, as well as Air Tite albums.

Air Tite Coin Holders

Air Tite Coin Holders  

Coin Slabs

Coin Slabs
We carry ring type and direct fit Air Tite coin holders. We also carry boxes and albums made just for air-tites.   Our coin slabs are made of clear acrylic and come in green or white.

Coin Cleaners and Cleaning Accessories

Coin Cleaners and Cleaning Supplies  

Magnifiers and Jewelers Loupes

Coin Magnifiers and Jewelers Loupes
Our coin cleaning supplies include a variety of popular coin cleaners including e*Z*est and MS-70. We also have a full line of cleaning accessories.   We offer over 20 different kinds of magnifiers and loupes. From jewelers and watchmaker's loupes to lighted magnifiers to visors, everyone is sure to find the magnifiers and loupes to meet your needs.

State Quarter Maps and Supplies

State Quarter Maps & Supplies   National Park Quarter Supplies National Park Quarter Supplies
We have State Quarter maps from the US Mint, Whitman, HE Harris, and Littleton. We also have folders and albums for all 50 states, plus the 6 territories. The Coin Supply Store carries all your coin collecting supplies.   Folders, albums, maps, and more all designed specifically for the National Park quarters.


  Popular Coin Supplies...


US Mint State Quarter Maps

US Mint State Quarter Map on Sale

Includes a full color topographical map of the United Sates. Information on the date each of the 50 states entered into the union and the year each State Quarter was minted to recognize it.

Only $8.99

Official Whitman 2013 Red Book

The Official Whitman Red Book 2015 Edition

The Official Whitman Red Book is one of the essential coin collecting books that no coin collector should be without. We have these coin books in spiral and hardback, making it an ideal to fit your coin collecting supplies.

Only $10.49


Coin Tubes

Coin Tubes for Pennies to Medallions

Protect your coins from moisture with coin tubes. The tubes won't allow moisture in, and they are great for safety deposit boxes and safes if you don't want to put all of your coins in 2x2 coin holders and coin albums. The coin tubes are top quality, archival safe, and made in America. We have both round and plastic coin tubes available.

Starting at $0.38



Coin Slabs

Want to Slab your coins?
Clear, acrylic snap-tight coin case encloses a pliable, dark green insert. Create display slabs to protect every precious coin. Re-sealable and reusable many times, this is the answer to deciding which coins to send in and slab, or not send in. With these coin slabs, you can slab all your coins.
Only $1.85



Whitman and Dansco Coin Albums

Beautifully constructed coin albums made by the two companies that any coin collector can trust, Dansco and Whitman. These coin albums have a clear polystyrene window that allows viewing from both sides with thumb notches and removable screw-type hinge posts that allow for easy removal and addition of pages. We also carry the Dansco Archival Slipcases for the Dansco Coin Albums.

Starting at $8.99

Dansco Coin Albums


State Quarter Maps

State Quarter Maps and State Quarter Folders

Use our HE Harris Statehood Quarter Maps, or our Statehood Quarter Folders to hold quarters for years. Both are built beautiful and are ensured to give you not only protection, but also a masterfully crafted holder for your quarters. These make great gifts for any occasion, don't forget to pick yours up today.




Air Tite Coin Holders

Air Tite Coin Holders

Air Tite Coin Holders provide excellent protection for your collection. Just insert your coin, close the holder, and you are finished. We have Air-Tites to hold all types of coins. Whether you want a Direct Fit or Ring Type Air-Tite, we have the right coin supplies to meet your needs. We also offer all of the State Quarters in these beautiful coin cases.

Starting at $0.48



Cardboard Coin Holders

Cardboard Holders

Put your coins in durable cardboard 2x2s with durable mylar windows. There isn't a coin collector on the face of the earth who doesn't use cardboard 2x2s, proving that they do hold your coin and provide superior protection. We also have 1.5x1.5s and 2.5x2.5s available.

Only $2.99 per 100




Coin Boxes

Coin Boxes for Rolls and Tubes

Heavy duty boxes designed to organize any type of coin rolls and coin tubes. The coin boxes are made of heavy chipboard with a slip-resistant, ABA color coded kraft covering. The corners of the boxes are reinforced with fiberglass to prevent splitting. Protect your coin collection with these super strong coin boxes.

Starting at $3.99



National Park Quarter Sets

Brilliant Uncirculated National Park Quarters

These BU State Quarters are sold by the year they were issued, in sets of 5. Each state quarter is encapsuled in its own direct fit Air-Tite coin holder. Don't miss your chance to get this collection of BU State Quarters while it lasts and I can still offer these prices. These state quarters make a great gift or a nice additional to a collection.

Only $0.79 per coin




HE Harris Frosty Coin Cases

Harris Frosted Cases and Snap-Lock Cases

We have HE Harris Frosted coin cases available, as well as Snap-Lock cases and Marcus Mint and Proof Set coin holders. Browse around and find the perfect gift or the addition to your coin collection that you were looking for, we have coin cases and holders for your every need.

Starting at $0.89


Snap-Lock Coin Cases


Jewelers Loupes and Magnifiers

Jewelers Loupes and Magnifiers

All serious collectors should have a good jeweler's loupe and/or magnifier. They help save the strain of viewing tiny details and are invaluable when grading coins, checking for mint errors, varieties and detecting counterfeits. Many collectors prefer the Anco 16X Jewelers Loupe. It provides a high degree of magnification with minimal distortion, and it fits in your pocket. Don't miss your chance to get our deals on jewelers loupes and magnifying glasses.

Starting at $4.10


Coin Collecting Software

Coin Collecting Software

We have coin collecting software for every type of collector. We have Carlisle Coin Collectors Assistant Plus with Values to help manage collections, Carlisle Coin Grading Assistant CD to aid in the ever daunting task of grading coins, and Coin World Tag Wizard Label Kit for making labels for your coin slabs and other coin holders.

Software begins at $21.49


Coin Collecting Blog

Coin Collector's Corner

The coin collecting and supplies blog is here to help make coin collecting easier and more enjoyable. Our blog postings are designed to help you make the most of your coin collecting supplies with our quality coin supplies.