Whitman Coin Albums

Whitman Classic Coin Albums have been a collector favorite since they were first introduced, and the Whitman blue has been synonymous with coin collecting for decades. Many collectors start their collections with Whitman coin folders and then as they become more experienced they graduate to using Whitman coin albums. Each album is masterfully crafted and features a grained, soil resistant leatherette cover. The inside cover of each album includes historical information and mint records on the coins it was made to hold.

The inside of the album contains removable pages held in place with screw-type hinge posts. Each page is made from the same durable material as the album cover and has an individually labeled space for each coin. The coins are held in placed by placing them into their respective windows and are sandwiched in place between two crystal clear windows that slide in and out of place. All of the pages contain thumb notches to easily slide out the windows on the albums, making it painless to add and remove coins.

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