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You work hard enough putting together you currency collection, storing them should be easy. We have compiled a number of currency supplies to make your life easier including currency books, sleeves, albums, boxes, pages, sleeves and more. Whether you are looking for a case for your favorite note, or an album for your graded currency collection, we have what you are looking for.

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Currency collections can be more difficult to protect and preserve than coin collections unless you have the proper currency supplies. At The Coin Supply Store, we have an extensive selection of currency supplies from leading brands that are designed to ensure the safety of your collectable currency. We can provide you with one of the best currency supplies at affordable prices.

Currency holders are suitable for long term storage for all valuable banknotes. These currency holders are manufactured by the makers of Kointans and Saflips under rigorous conditions to keep them free of oil and machine dirt. We stock a full range of currency holders and sleeves for your entire bank note collection. We are your source for currency holders to keep your collection safe. These currency holders are used by some of the largest museums and paper money dealers to house their extensive and priceless currency holdings. Doesn't your collection deserve the same?