Coin Magnifiers and Loupes

All collectors should have a good magnifier. They help save the strain of viewing tiny details and are invaluable when grading coins, checking for mint errors, varieties and detecting counterfeits. It is amazing how much more detail can be seen with a good lens. Exactly what type of lens to use depends on personal preferences. The more power you have the more details can be seen. However, higher powers generally provide a smaller field of view. Many collector s prefer the Anco 16X Jewelers Loupe. It provides a high degree of magnification with minimal distortion, and it fits in your pocket.

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What Is a Magnifier? A coin magnifier is a lens that increases the apparent size of objects seen through it. It may be a single lens, thicker at the center than at its edge, or it may be a compound lens made of several lenses mounted or cemented together. By moving closer to an object we are able to see it in more detail. But the focusing power of our eyes is limited and we are able to see clearly only down to about 10 inches. A magnifier, in effect, adds focusing power to the eye, enabling us to move closer than 10 inches to the object and to see more detail. We see the effect as an increase in the image size. Depending on its power, a magnifier makes it possible to see an object clearly as close as one-half inch from the eye.