Coin Flips

Coin flips make quickly storing coins effortless, yet safe and secure because they are PVC free and archival safe. To use a coin flip just insert a coin and fold over, that's it. Flips are a collector favorite for many reasons, one being they are made with two individual pockets that are separated but still connected. In one pocket a collector can put in a coin or medallion, and in the other pocket they can put in coin information with the insert. Most of our flips come with inserts that allow collectors to put almost any coin information they desire, the inserts can also be used as a display card.

We also have a full line of coin pages and storage boxes made to hold coin flips.

Non Plasticized Coin Flips Saflip Mylar Coin Flips Vinyl Coin Flips

Our Saflip coin flips are made from mylar, which is the same material used in the windows of cardboard holders. Mylar is ideal because it will not tear or scratch, and it also has a very low permeability. This means that mylar will not let moisture or dust in to damage coins. We also offer vinyl and non plasticized coin flips as well. These flips are great because they are crystal clear and will protect your coins for years. Coin flips have been trusted by the ANA and museums for years, so you can trust them too.