Cardboard 2x2 Coin Holders

Cardboard 2x2s are the most popular coin holder in coin collecting. They only require you to insert a coin, fold over and staple. The inside of the holder, the part that is in contact with the coin, is coated in a mylar film. Mylar is the perfect material to protect coins because it will not tear or scratch. Mylar also has a very low permeability, meaning that it will not let dust or water vapor in to damage coins. In addition to their economical cost, cardboard 2x2s are popular among coin collectors because coin information can be written directly on the holder.

In addition to the holders being very popular and easy to use, we have a number of ways to store these holders.  We have pocket pages, storage boxes, coin wallets and more made just for these holders. You can even purchase pocket pages and binders to make your own coin album.

Canadian Cardboard 2x2s, 100ct packs

Cardboard 2x2s: 100ct packs

Canadian Cardboard 2x2s, 25ct packs

Cardboard 2x2s: 25ct packs

Cardboard 2x2s with boxes

Cardboard 2x2s with boxes