Air Tite Coin Holders

Air Tite coin holders have become one of the premier holders in coin collecting. Each Air Tite is made in the USA from a non yellowing acrylic ensuring the holder stays crystal clear. Air Tites are also archival safe, meaning they are free of PVC and any materials that can damage coins. Every Air Tite is based on an easy to use snap together design. Simply place a coin in the base and snap the cover on.

Direct Fit Air Tite Coin Holders Ring Type Air Tite Coin Holders  


Air Tite makes two types of coin holders, ring type and direct fits. Ring type Air Tites contain a foam ring that securely holds a coin in place. Air Tite makes a wide range of ring sizes that allows the ring type holder to fit almost any coin of any size. The direct fit Air Tites do not contain any rings, they rely on a snug fit between the coin and the Air Tite holder to keep the coin in place.

These hard, crystal clear coin holders provide an excellent protection for any coin. Air Tites are used by dealers, collectors and coin mints around the world. The Coin Supply Store also offers a number of products designed specifically to house, organize, display, and store Air Tite coin holders.